‚ÄčWills Family Orchard 

2017 News - "A Day on the Farm"

2017 Season

April 3, 2017:  It rained all day today on April 3rd and high was only in the low 50's. This is great weather in April for ducks and apple growers!  The cool weather is holding the trees back from blooming too soon and the rain promises a great start when they do push out their flowers.

We're about 60% finished with pruning & We've already put on an organic dormant spray.  We're working hard to stay ahead of the season.  Soon apple diseases and insects will threaten our crop but we have our plans in place - now we just have to follow them.

February & March, 2017:  February raced off to the warmest we'd ever known.  Thankfully, that race came to a screeching halt in March - cool & wet!